Project Visualization

Interchange Intersection

When the goal is to clearly illustrate the way a proposed project design will look, 3-dimensional models are being used more and more. By building accurate models of the proposed improvements and seamlessly incorporating those models into site photography and video, projects can be shown in context long before they are designed and built.

Civil Visions brings proposed project concepts to life using some of the same video and special effects technologies that are used in motion picture and television productions. It is our knowledge of both visual production techniques and civil engineering design that allow us to take our clients ideas and turn them into stunning photo and video exhibits.

Design Concept to 3D… Fast, Fast, FAST!

One perceived barrier to using 3D visualizations is the belief that building the models and creating the composites are too time-consuming and expensive to create. Many design firms will spend time building their proposed concepts using traditional CAD applications, exporting models to an off-the-shelf 3D program, and then modifying those models manually to create their finished composite.

Civil Visions has developed tools that can take a design from concept to 3D  much more efficiently. Accurate 3D models can be created with very little information:

  1. Project Location (Roadway intersection, Latitude/Longitude, etc.)
  2. Horizontal and Vertical Alignments (CAD sketch, LandXML file, Geometric Description, etc.)
  3. Typical Sections (CAD sketch, written description)

Let Us Show You

Whether your project is an intersection improvement, a site drainage study, or an interstate highway we can help you show your design in amazingly realistic 3D detail. Call our office at 866-365-4996 or use our web contact form and tell us about your project. Together we can bring your designs to life!